Black Lives Matter are at this point notorious for their violent behavior towards anyone who disagrees with them in the slightest bit. True to form this BLM loving rapper, Rick Ross, is openly advocating for the murder of Donald Trump.

We are now living in a country that will prosecute you if you say anything negative about the Muslim religion even after the San Bernardino attacks but you can openly make a call to action to kill the leading GOP candidate for President.

From US Chronicle:

Rapper Rick Ross, black lives matter supporter, has a new song out from the album New Enterprise. He sings “God is great, first and foremost. . Also, “Assassinate Trump like I’m Zimmerman!” The Zimmerman he refers to is George Zimmerman. If anyone dared put out a song calling for the assassination of any prominent black, muslim, hispanic person, free speech be damned-the FBI would be banging down their door. I’m not even sure it would require the minority person be prominent.


The press is not saying anything and the Department of Justice has “no comment.” Really? Free speech is one thing. But using that to target people for violence is another. It’s like yelling “fire” in a crowded movie theater. Your rights end where mine begin.

Not only is Ross a rapper of violence, he supports the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s filled with violence, hate, and downright ignorance about race relations. What Donald Trump has to do with racism is beyond me except wanting to keep our country safe from terrorists is somehow wrong. And if someone who isn’t white dare support a white person, well then they are an “Uncle Tom” and various other colorful names are attached to them.

This is what our country has come to under Obama’s rule of leadership. He really had an opportunity to heal race relations further. But instead he has made it worse and fueled the fire. Accusations of racism, protests and violence have flourished under Obama. The liberal media is stoking the fires by ranting about anything bad happening to a minority and to hell with common sense and facts. But let it be a white person who is the victim and it’s a byline on the back page.

Do you think Black Lives Matter should be classified as a hate group?


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