Our Founding Fathers did not intend for us to be packing automatic or semi-automatic weapons, right? A single-shot gun powder rifle was what they envisioned, right? God forbid the revolver! Heavens no to a Sig Sauer or Glock.

Wrong on all accounts!

The Girardoni Air Rifle, or the Wind Rifle, as termed by the Germans, is a thing of beauty. It is not a new gun by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it has been around since the Revolutionary War. The rifle is of Austrian origin, designed by Bartholomäaus Girardoni.

Thomas Jefferson, the president who commissioned the great western expedition of a Louis and Clark sent two of these weapons with the men.

The rifle holds 22 magazine-fed 0.46 caliber rounds that can be fired off in less than a minute. To reload between rounds, the gun had to be pointed toward the sky. You can imagine that frontiersmen, such as Louis and Clark, were quite efficient at this practice.

The force of the air compressors within the firing mechanism allowed for velocity of the round to be 400-450 feet per second.  This certainly had to be shocking to any aggressive people the Louis and Clark encountered on their journey, and impressive to all other peaceful tribes encountered along the way. At the time, the rifle was considered “silent,” but only because it did not make the “crack” that a gun-powder firearm did.

The false narrative put forth by the nation’s gun-control freaks, President Obama included in said company, is just that—a lie. Our Founding Fathers most certainly had a place for “automatic” firearms in the hands of the American citizen.

It is time that Americans educated themselves as to the 2nd Amendment and what its purpose was; the right of a citizen to protect themselves from enemies foreign and domestic.


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