While the Obama Administration rewards illegality, disrespect and lawlessness, one Army Veteran and patriot has had enough, and took matters into his own hands with the help of his military knife.

Jim Brossard apparently couldn’t believe his eyes when on a local news segment he saw a local business flying the Mexican Flag above “Ole Glory”, which is a federal violation, apparently the news crew was on site doing a story on the incident, when suddenly Mr. Brossard appeared and quickly rushed to where the flags were, took out his Army knife and cut down the flags, holding on to “Ole Glory” he proudly proclaimed the fighting spirit of America, and walked away.

Leaving the owner of the establishment somewhat bewildered as he picked up the Mexican flag from the ground.

This obvious transgression against America and its ideals has become almost a daily occurrence, from academics rewriting American history, to pandering politicians usurping the law and their oath of office, to illegal aliens brazenly breaking the law, America is in decline.

However American patriots like Army veteran Jim Brossard are out there and reminding those ambivalent Americans, those “summer patriots” that American ideals are worth defending, even if it’s just the simple act of cutting down a flag that shouldn’t be there.

Source: Freedom Outpost



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