If you haven't heard about the recent #EricSheppardChallenge hashtag and movement, consider yourself lucky.

Sheppard protested racism in America recently at Valdosta State University by stomping on an American flag as a sign of dissent. While many on various social media platforms have come forward both in support and condemnation of Sheppard's act, one Marine veteran's voice rang forth loud and clear.

Shane Lawler, a USMC veteran, recently came forth in a video to express his disappointment with people engaging in the Sheppard Challenge and other "silly things."

Lawler's video, which contains some strong language (to be expected from an angry Marine veteran standing up for his country), doesn't pull any punches. He informs those who choose to tromp on the American flag as a form of dissent that "at some point in history, my ancestors, your ancestors, everybody’s ancestors fought in some way, shape or form to be a part of this country."

Lawler closes his video by advising anyone who isn't happy with the way their life is in America, and who won't respect the country, to leave.

While Lawler's rough language and basic arguments might seem half hearted to some, in reality they represent the true feelings of a military veteran responding to something that is hard for anyone with a military background to see. To see something that you've fought for and put your life in jeopardy for so disrespected must be incredibly hard. Let's hope his words strike a chord with some of the people disrespecting America.

Here is a video of these not so classy anti-american haters stomping all over the flag that Lawler has called out.


h/t: Western Journalism

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