A Florida sheriff has drawn the ire of left-wing pundits and politicians because he directly targeted black "thug" culture and other parts of political correctness that he says cause racial division.

David Morgan, sheriff of Escambia County in western Florida, used several online videos to talk about his impressions of racially divisive speech and actions that are continuing in America.

Perhaps the most standout quote from Sheriff Morgan has to do with the term African-American. Citing his own Welsh heritage, Morgan was quick to point out that he doesn't refer to himself as Welsh-American. He also pointed out that blacks in America today aren't from Africa and that the term African-American should be discarded.

Morgan's reasoning, regarding the term, is that it just encourages more racial division.

In response to the accusation that America is a racist country that has now reached critical mass, Morgan had a well-reasoned response: "If we're such a racist nation, why did we elect a black president?"

Morgan cited figures that showed that Obama was elected by a large majority of whites, Hispanics, and other racial groups, not just by black Americans.

However, Morgan didn't pull any punches when it came to talking about ways that the black culture needs to improve in order to move away from the violence that is currently prevalent.

Morgan listed a host of violent crimes that he's seen happen which he attributed to the "thug culture" that pervades black society. While he was quick to condemn that culture, Morgan's remarks were in no way condemning of the race of people who most often engage in those violent activities.

But Morgan is paying the price for his candor by opening himself up to be labeled as the ultimate example of white-privilege and a racist police force. It's sad that someone who tells the truth is labeled a bigot and a racist. What is free speech worth if it's not used to help improve America as a whole?

h/t: The Political Insider

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