That flag is staying right where it is,” so says Iraq War Veteran Daniel Toner who says he has no plans of removing the American flag from his front porch after his homeowners association told him the flag must come down.

However not before telling Mr. Toner that it was OK to display the flag, Toner who rents a home in the Belmont Park community of Suffolk, Virginia told WAVY-TV he knew the homeowners association had certain regulations so he contacted the property manager, who initially sent him an email approving flying the flag, but then reversed itself telling him to take it down.

Property manager Kimberly Katz admitted to speaking too early in the previous email, and said a resolution that would have made it acceptable to fly a flag had not yet been approved.

Approved? Since when is having pride in your country a subject for approval?

Toner was outraged, staying; “This is something that shouldn’t be happening here in Hampton Roads,”

Management company president Dana Shotts-Neff said the association has “no intention of denying anyone the right to fly the American flag,” but because it’s considered an alteration to a home,  residents need to apply for permission first”.

Toner said that’s “absolutely ridiculous.”

You shouldn’t even have to ask permission to have an American flag on your property,”

Obviously something happened after Mr. Toner received approval, and that “something” seems to be a pervasive almost sickening politically correct and perhaps cowardly approach by many homeowner associations and communities across this great nation, to denigrate veterans such as Mr. Toner from flying the colors and by extension America.

And although veterans make up a tiny number compared to the general population, rest assured what they lack in number they make up in fidelity to America and in their determination to remind the vast majority, that they are the few that stand between the barbarians and freedom.

h/t: The Blaze



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