Sunday morning at around 2am around 40 to 50 thug teenagers are captured on video entering a Walmart in Macon Georgia to tear the place apart.

“Out of all my years of law enforcement, I’ve never seen anything happen like this,” said Bibb County Sheriff’s officer Sean DeFoe.

Police arrested one teen at the scene. 17-year-old Kharron Nathan Green got busted when he went back into the store to retrieve his cellphone that he had left behind. Green told his parents that he was at a party and the group of youths decided to “cause as much damage as they could” for apparently no other reason. Green refused to give any names of the other thugs involved in the ransacking of the store.

Kharron Nathan Green

This is just another vivid example of the complete lack of respect these teen thugs have for property. Bibb County sheriffs plan to track down and arrest as many of the thugs that they can from the surveillance video. A Walmart employee estimated the damages to exceed $2000.

See the police report here.



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