This video is beyond disturbing. As a parent it is painful to watch and it brings out a rage against teenagers that you would not think you are capable of feeling. It is very apparent that the black thug-mob mentality of Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland is rubbing off on the black teenage population and creating a newer and younger crop of thugs. At least in Norwood, Ohio.

Seven black teens beset a 13-year-old white teen outside of the Holy Trinity Church festival. Judging by the way they are dressed, it appears they are a gang. They stand around him, in a circle, like a pack of jackals waiting to go in for the kill. Like the cowards they are, they punched him in the back of the head.

He is then taken down to the ground where he is  kicked. After they had a little fun continuing to beat their victim they all ran away like the cockroaches they are.

Being a 13-year-old boy, he didn’t want anyone who wasn’t there to know what happened and attempted to keep this from his grandmother. When the truth came out he received medical care. The police were brought in and reviewed Kim Watkins’ son’s video, as he had been told by his mother to record these thugs should they start something. These teens had threatened Watkins’ son and herself the prior day, threatening to shoot her house up.

Owing to their stupidity by exposing their faces, 6 of the 7 pieces of garbage have been identified, will be arrested, and they will be charged with assault. Why not a hate crime? Oh, that’s right, only white people get charged with hate crimes. Judging by the teens’ cowardly personas, it won’t take long for one of them 6 to roll over on #7.

Is it a bad thing, as a parent, to deep down hope these pieces of garbage get their butts kicked in jail? Probably, but whatever.

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