Sometimes we all need to stop and breathe.  In the midst of all the politics, race baiting, gender bending, and seemingly societal dysfunction, we really need to stop and step back and take a deep cleansing breath.

We need to take a quiet moment to remember what we should all be thankful for. Be it our sons and daughters, such as the father in the viral video. Be it our parents, spouses, and friends. To be loved and to give love. To know that when we honor another we are humbled in our hearts.

This dad could not have said it better. He clearly loves his children, and today was his daughter's special day. To mark her wedding day, he tells a story of his love for her. He stands at the front of the church, ready to pass her into the arms of her betrothed, and then he begins his tale. Humor filled and poignant in spots, he does not miss a beat.  His love for her included his prayers to God throughout her life that he prayed from his heart, some bring a smile, others a tear.

It is with humbled pride, love, and honor that he hands her off to the man who will now step into his shoes, as the one who will make her happy.

h/t: MRCTV


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