While war is not something to laugh at, when it is the death of an extraordinarily evil enemy who is seemingly un-human, the moment of their demise can be quite inspiring of patriotic pride …. Nah…let’s just go for the totally non-PC take on it.

When you see the unsuspecting enemy obliterated into the dust of time it is nothing but awesome and quite simply, entertaining.

This particular incident never gets old. It happen three years ago (2012), and shows the Taliban, in an attempt to ambush coalition forces, ending up taking one for their own team, and to the benefit of ours.

In the video, the Taliban are setting up some sort of booby trap, shielded by their women, children, and livestock, of course, but unbeknownst to them, two Apache choppers are well aware of what they are doing and they put a stop to it.



Pay special attention to the fact that women, children, and animals were avoided all costs, because that is how Americans do it.

We are not indiscriminate killers. We are highly trained warriors.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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