Listening to Al Sharpton referencing “income inequality” from a guy who owes the IRS almost 5-million dollars in back taxes and fines, is like listening to an "habitual drunk" speaking about the merits of  being sober, it simply doesn’t make sense.

Sharpton took to the airwaves on his nightly show saying: “It's the new 2016 Republican answer to income inequality and it's a doozy. Here is GOP senator Rand Paul saying Americans must, they just need to work harder”.

And he quoted Paul assertions that income inequality is due to some people working harder and selling more things.

Sharpton continued; “He said that, that's right, he's claiming income inequality is due to some people working harder? Astounding! Implying that the poor just don't work hard enough. It's also strikingly similar to Jeb Bush last month when he said Americans need to work longer hours”.

Apparently Sharpton doesn’t feel that people need to work harder or for that matter longer hours, they simply need to have full-time jobs. If this sounds like convoluted logic and a bit confusing, guess what? It is!

However that’s part of the Sharpton charm. Take an issue, any issue, turn it upside down, an inside out and hope no one is paying attention!

h/t: News Busters

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