The brave men and women who serve our country have always possessed a keen sense of character. They know when a leader is supportive of their dedication, and which leaders are not. A soldier can easily detect disdain as much as they can detect respect.

In the video above, we get to see this in action. George Bush gets greeted and is given a salutation upon departure from the troops he addresses. Barrack Obama also gets greeted, and is given a... well, somewhat of a salutation when he leaves the room. After comparing the two, one starts to wonder just who in hell did we actually put in charge of our troops?

The responsibilities of the President as Commander in Chief over our formidable military isn't to be taken lightly. The political agenda each and every President ever elected surrounds them like an aura, which is discernible by hard working troops. Those very troops that has taken an oath to defend the US Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. George Bush and Barrack Obama has also taken those oaths, but who was truly serious about the words they spoke?

It's more than obvious at this point. Just from their actions alone, when enemies of the United States strikes, do we learn is an effective leader or not. Our soldiers also knows the difference, and they don't suffer fools on a regular basis. Either they display enthusiasm, or they don't. The video above is very telling in that regard.

Whenever a Conservative is praised, we easily find large batches of slobbering angry Liberals, yapping and drooling with malcontent, pointing at the slightest flaws as if they were unforgivable damning sins. Yet, when we have a Liberal President who can only inspire a ghostly silence from dedicated soldiers, you won't find a pack of Conservatives feasting on the event for chuckles. This is serious, folks. Our very freedoms are defended by the troops we train and provide for, and they know who is for them, and who isn't. If our troops can't elicit one grain of respect for Barrack Obama because of his destructive policies, then why should we?

Also note a phrase that Bush uses. "I ask for God's blessings on you, and your family, and may God continue to bless America." Has anyone ever heard Barrack Obama say anything even remotely similar? Of course not. President Barrack Obama is going down in history as the most vile politician to ever hold the high office. You don't have to take my word for it. Just watch the video. Our troops, who place their lives on the line for me and you, can tell the difference between quality leadership and absolute garbage.

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