Once again a “good guy” with a gun, stops a “bad guy” with a gun; however you’ll probably never see this video played within the national media, especially after Obama’s anti gun news conference and his imitation of Forrest Gump, and his free-flowing tears.

Regardless of what misinformation this administration puts out, it’s those real live moments within this 2-minute video that actually tells the truth as a masked gunmen armed with a shotgun was met by the store owner’s son holding his own gun and engaging him in a shootout, and perhaps saving both his dad and his sister.

The incident took place in southeast Houston almost exactly one year ago Usman Seth was at his dad’s local store when the criminal armed with a shotgun came into the store and demanded that Seth’s sister give him all their cash.

Seth’s dad gave his son the store handgun and rapidly shot the suspect first in the leg, security footage captures the pitched gunfight that resulted in the death of the masked gunmen identified as Sam Abugalboush.

While incidents like this happen daily around the country, of store owners, and innocent bystanders protecting their lives and property with handguns, the media all but ignores the overwhelming data, that “guns save lives!”

In that guns are used 2.5 million times a year in self-defense, and the overwhelming majority merely brandishes the weapon or fire a warning shot to scare or drive the potential attacker away, while less than 8% actually use the weapon.

Moreover over 200,000 women a year use a gun to defend themselves against sexual abuse.

Source: Right Wing News

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