Online video has been released showing a confrontation between militants and a Syrian MiG jet that ended badly for the fighters on the ground.

As the jet flew overhead, it was struck by rifle and machine-gun fire from the small group, possibly members of the Southern Front who fight under the flag of the Free Syrian Army.

Rebels have shot down MiGs in the southern province of Daraa in the past several months, and appear to have become emboldened enough to fire upon the jet with relatively small arms.

The video, complete with audio in Arabic, traces the movement of the jet as the decision is apparently taken to circle back and dump its payload on the rebels.

As the jet makes the turn and heads at the group, their shouts of exultation turn to terrorized screams when the MiG unloads.

Cries of "Allah Akbar," the Arabic phrase meaning "God is Great," can be clearly heard as the rebels get a taste of their own medicine from the sky. Muslims are known to shout the words during acts of jihad.

h/t: QPolitical



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