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All occupations have their hazards, if you’re a chef one of those “occupational hazards” might be adding on a few unwanted pounds, and of course the same holds true if you’re a healthcare provider being called in to assist, on your day off.

If you’re a working terrorist without to many “brain-cells”, and forget to remove your suicide belt…well lets just say those tiny little body parts might be hard to scrape off the sidewalk.

It seems that this particular “occupational hazard” is happening (thank goodness), with a lot more frequency as wanna-be terrorists keep accidentally blowing themselves up and taking a lot of “trash” (other terrorists), with them.

Call it karma, poetic justice or just plan old fashion “stupidity” the end result is the same, one less barbarian on earth.

This latest video footage captures a group of mourners on a street, during a ceremony that appears to be a funeral.

While the video shows the group dancing and chanting with the corpse, someone in the crowd appears to have forgotten to remove his suicide vest before attending the event.

While it is impossible to determine whether the explosion is intentional, the vest ends up detonating…BOOM!


Obviously no one knows for sure, if this particular incident was indeed accidental or not, however one thing is certain there are no “do-overs” and this guy will never create carnage on our homeland!




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