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If you thought that presidential politics would be a nice, smooth ride toward the general election in November, you thought wrong. Of course, it's not your fault. This presidential cycle has been anything but predictable, and what happened Wednesday night during Ted Cruz's speech at the GOP convention, no one could have predicted.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz was one of a long list of GOP A-list pundits, politicians, and speakers who drew the huge crowds to Cleveland, Ohio for the GOP convention. But, as Cruz stood on the large convention stage and spoke to the audience, he pointedly refused to pledge support and endorse Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Instead, Cruz stuck to a firm and practiced subject, telling audience members why Hillary Clinton is unfit to be president.

That message fit well with the overall tone of the GOP convention, a convention where the crowd has broken into cheers multiple times to "Lock her up!" (referring to Clinton). But it was Cruz's dodging of the question of endorsement that really shook up the audience.

"Stand, and speak, and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution," Cruz said as he ended his speech.

By that time, however, the crowd was booing and screaming at him and Cruz's wife Heidi had already been escorted from the premises by security guards.

For firm-backers of Trump, Cruz's decision to not overtly pledge support for Trump is seen as a traitorous act that places him in the pocket of liberals. For Cruz fans, they see it as a sign that the senator is sticking to his morals and his previous points that Trump is untrustworthy.

Whatever camp you fall into, Cruz's words do have some import. We need to vote according to our consciences, and supporting and sustaining the Constitution is the most important thing of all in the upcoming election.




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