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Illegal immigration has become one of the biggest hot-button issues in a presidential race filled with important issues. Since Donald Trump vowed to build a wall separating the United States and Mexico, all presidential candidates from both major parties have addressed illegal immigration.

But perhaps no candidate has been as straight-forward and truthful as Texas senator Ted Cruz. Cruz was recently confronted with a sticky issue that may have stumped lesser candidates.

The issue arose when Ofelia Valdez, a 30-year-old resident of Storm Lake, Iowa, asked Cruz if he would deport her under his promise to fix America's immigration system.

Valdez is currently residing in the United States under President Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals act, or DACA. She expressed concern that she would immediately be deported if Cruz was elected.

"I think of myself as a part of this community and, you know, first day in presidency you decide to deport, you know, people like myself — it’s just very difficult to process it," said Valdez.

Cruz, however, proved again why he is becoming a Republican front-runner in Iowa and across the country, by standing his ground and confronting Valdez's situation directly.

"If you’re a DACA recipient it means that you were brought here illegally, and violating the laws has consequences," Cruz replied. He went on to note that one of the biggest problems arising from Obama's actions which making illegal immigration okay is that it is creating human tragedies.

However, Cruz didn't back down and he stood firmly behind his decision to stand for the laws of the land.

America needs a strong president who is willing and able to face crises like Valdez's and not give up their moral high ground. Yes, it's true that there will be millions of families affected by a deportation push. But it's also true that the United States owes it to itself to respect its own sovereignty.

Cruz is right. Obama's progressive policies simply open the door for more human suffering. Thanks for standing strong, Ted!

h/t: Right Wing News



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