When a child grows up within a chaotic environment, perhaps within a dysfunctional family and witnesses a daily dose of risky lifestyles and criminal behavior, odds are that child will grow into a teen with a warped sense of values and on the verge of becoming another statistic within the criminal justice system.

And so it should come as no surprise that respect for authority even within a classroom environment has little if any meaning to these teens, sadly they’re already on a dead-end road to nowhere.

And while the political progressive elite purposely distract from what is taking place  within the inner cities and talk about “climate change” as being a national threat, another generation of young African-Americans are lost to the system.

The data is heartbreaking, in that according to the FBI black youths make up about 16% of the youth population, however account for 52% of juvenile violent crime arrests, including 58.5% of youth arrests for homicide and 67% for robbery. And this data is only referencing youths not adults.

Moreover, 73% of all black kids are born out-of-wedlock. Growing up, these kids drop out, use drugs, are unemployed, commit crimes and are incarcerated at many times the rate of Asians and whites or Hispanics, who are taking the jobs that used to go to young black Americans.

You can see this attitude very clearly in this video of a Coral Gables classroom brawl below:

Sources: Live Leak, Washington Times

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