In an act of cowardice, a man chose to throw himself over a fourth-floor railing in a Youngstown, Ohio courthouse to avoid facing the consequences of his heinous acts.

Robert Seman 48, was eligible for the death penalty for the rape of a ten-year-old girl and the murder of the victim and her grandparents, but apparently was not man enough to take responsibility and punishment.

Video showed Seman, dressed in civilian clothing, walking with uniformed deputies on his way back to jail after attending a status conference before his trial was set to begin the next day.

Suddenly, he ran to the rail and vaulted over it, falling four stories to his death on the main floor of the courthouse rotunda.

Defendants are not required to wear jail-issued orange jumpsuit and restraints in court so as not to prejudice possible jurors, however, Seman’s trial was set for the court in Portage County, Ohio, which is 35 miles from Youngstown.

Seman was accused of using gasoline to set fire to the family home of the 10-year-old victim on the day his trial on rape charges was set to begin.

The girl and her grandparents died in the fire, and Seman was found to have burns on his body.

One witness, reporter Joe Gorman, told local television WKBN, “I heard somebody shout and I looked up on the opposite side. I saw a deputy at the railing, and I saw this white object falling to the ground.”

He said, “I knew what it was and I just screamed.”

Even in death, Seman thought only of himself, running from his date with justice while inflicting a lifetime of nightmarish images on every person who was in the busy rotunda at the time.

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