“Leo” meaning “lion”; a symbol of strength, grace and un-matched prowess. The king of beasts.

Unless your name is Leo Labogen, in which case you may as well have starred in the Wizard of Oz in the role of the Cowardly Lion.

This is the tale of Leo Labogen, who in a moment of what can only be described as moronic, decided that the way to deal with being asked to step out of the university library to continue his very loud and annoying tirade of a cell phone call, was to respond by pulling a knife on the guy that asked him to step-off.


Said action did not work out so well for Leo Labogen, lion that he is, when it came to one particular Mr. Brandon Valle. Mr. Valle, an Army and ROTC 12 years-on soldier, was the guy who asked Labogen to take his call elsewhere and who found himself on the receiving end of a very pointy knife.


This little social faux-pas on the part of Leo landed him flat on his face, courtesy of a seeming wrist-lock, his knife skittered across the room, and Valle firmly planted on his back, followed by two other students who assisted in the restraint efforts until authorities arrived.


What else is there to say, except Go Army!

h/t: IJReview

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