Youth today have very little in the way of respect for authority. This should not be shocking as it is nothing new. This is the result of decades of disregard for our children’s well-being. Left to their own devices, as many are day-in and day-out, they will survive, and they will survive according to what benefits them be it needs or wants.

As a result of one ignorantly un-interested population raising another, you end up with disrespectful, high-handed, full-of-themselves teenagers on your hands that have never had to obey anyone, and who threaten everyone to get their way.

Such was the case in one Spring Valley High School (Columbia, SC), classroom, where one stuck up little witch, who happens to be black, thus above-it-all, opted not to do what she was told and leave the classroom and go to the “discipline office” (presumably what we knew to be the ‘Principal’s Office’).

Upon her refusal, a campus police officer, County Sheriff Deputy, Ben Fields, a white guy so guilty-as-charged, was brought in and a physical confrontation ensued, whereby the deputy placed the student under arrest, and when the snotty little wench resisted, he forcibly removed her from her desk-to the effect of a body-slam and dragging her out of the room.

Before we go further, let’s stop a minute and think about this…a Deputy Sheriff has to work a public school campus beat because the kids are so unbelievably out of hand that the adults in the room can’t handle it? Seriously?!

This has devolved into a FBI inquiry because one of the Black Parents Association (BPA—not just PTA), parents doesn’t have a handle on their kid and has raised a worthless thug to be a scourge on all of society, when what that gal needed was a time-out-chair a long time ago.

If anyone’s activities were “egregious” as put forth by the ACLU, it was the little witch in the room, and her useless parents.

For their part the BPA says they are "heartbroken as this is just another example of the intolerance that continues to be of issue in Richland School District Two particularly with families and children of color."

No BPA folks, you’re wrong. This has nothing to do with color. This has to do with bad parents who raised a little bitch, period.

Source: NBC News

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