There’s something uniquely universal within both young and old who revere America, and although they may be many generations removed from one another, that symbol of ‘OLE GLORY” binds them together in love of country.

And so when a liberal grad student foolishly announces publicly that he will burn the American Flag, on a specific day, and at a specific time, rest assured he’ll get noticed, and obviously (by the video) he did!

The alleged “flag burning” was to take place at Louisiana State University on May, 2011. However what this hapless student didn’t realize was that protests actually work both ways, in that over 2,000 patriotic students came out to “greet” the apparently lone “protester” and his attempt to burn Old Glory.

At one point the boisterous crowd shouting “USA, USA” gets dangerously close to this confused and frozen individual as he exclaims to no one that he thought there would be only about 60-people, at that point a police officer informs this student that he’s being moved off campus for his own protection.

Obviously “Ole Glory” wasn’t torched, and thankfully this young and foolish protester perhaps learned something about the American spirit and in particular his own generation, in that not every young person under the age of 30, is a progressive loon, looking to blame America for their own misguided lives, America is what you make it, success or failure is usually in your own hands.

Source: American News



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