Watching this video one can’t help but feel sorry for the children, and the fact that someone was actually recording this young obese woman who apparently is in need of some serious healthcare intervention, simply illustrates how far we’ve sunk as a society.

Collecting welfare shouldn’t be a career choice and celebrated as an achievement, as this video apparently suggests, and the mere fact it’s being recorded and apparently discussed by several adults anticipating a large payday at the expense of working tax payers,   should trouble everyone.

Obviously the video can’t show or chronicle whatever “hardship” this woman is claiming. However one thing is obvious by her actions, her obesity apparently is not her handicap, as she continually jumps up and down ecstatic that she will be collecting benefits from 2013.

However seeing young children apparently also celebrating is truly hart-breaking in that it perpetuates the idea of welfare rather than earning a living, as a viable way of getting money and benefits, and restricts the desire to achieve, and to perhaps reach your full potential within society.

The entire video of this leech is absurd but the good, or bad, part starts at around 2:00...

Government assistance is for those who are truly needy and isn’t meant to be long-term.

While some states like Wisconsin, Maine and Indiana are working to revamp legislation to make it more difficult to abuse the welfare system, this woman proves that some still have a long way to go.

Source: Mad World News


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