Love him or hate him, there is one thing everyone can respect about Donald Trump. The man does not get ruffled. He is quick on his feet and does not mess around. Anybody remember The Apprentice? You screwed up, or even headed in the direction of a screw up and you were canned. On national television!

Well, at one of his recent campaign stops, he happened to be in Burlington, Vermont. Unsurprisingly, he was the target of one of the notoriously liberal state’s lemmings. Not just any lemming, but a Bernie Sanders fan. Can it get any worse? A lame brain heckler is about as low as you can go. No matter Trump handled it with the skill of a leader.

“Throw ‘em out into the cold.”

“Don’t give them their coats.”

“No coats.”

Wonder if that shut them up?

Probably not. The one thing about liberals is they do not know how to shut up. They will talk over the top of you and they tend to get pretty violently irate when you try to stop them. Good ol’ pacifist liberals. You will notice that you don’t hear much about conservative hecklers. That is because we tend to operate from a respectful position. That and we can’t be bothered with engaging with stupid people. Sure they have been some, and if you pay attention to the media they will always parade that one isolated incident out and shame that person over and over. Meanwhile, a liberal heckler in a GOP setting just about causes them to pee their pants in excitement.

Do you like what Trump did? Aaaah. Therein lies the question. While he deftly handled the situation, was his response appropriate? Do you really believe he threw them out in the cold and took away their coats? If anyone believes that happened, their equal idiots to the lemmings.

Donald Trump is a lightning rod to be sure. The one thing he has done, is take our milk-toast GOP candidates and put some life into an otherwise, bloated race for the presidency. As for tossing the heckler out, it would sure be nice to have a president who would handles a dictator in a meeting with the same attitude. Just sayin…

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