In a recently released video, a handheld camera captured what appears to be two drug smugglers easily scaling a border fence in Arizona before disappearing over the other side.

Officials have identified the crossing area as near the area of Nogales, Arizona.

In the video, two men with large packs strapped to their back scale the bars of the fence by gripping them with their hands and shimmying up the bars like monkeys. In the foreground, a large piece of graffiti reads, "Chinga la Migra!" colloquial Spanish for "f--- the border police!"

Upon reaching the top of the fence, the illegals easily navigate around the large steel plates at the top and move over and down the other side.

While many politicians have complained that the border is insecure, the ease with which these illegals navigate up and down the fence is unsettling.

Additionally, what makes the whole thing even more unsettling is the fact that the large bundles strapped to the men's backs are likely marijuana bundles, drugs that can be sold for thousands of dollars upon crossing the border.

It's clear that the United States' southern border is a problem, but it's simply unclear how far officials are willing to go to put a stop to the madness that is occurring at our southern states.

That madness is especially apparent in places where the border fence isn't as high or as secure-looking as the one in the video. In some places, the "border" is nothing more than a waist-high fence that any illegal immigrant could jump without pause. Perhaps Trump's words that we need an actual wall aren't as far-fetched as some in the media make them sound.

It's also clear from this video that the arguments against calling illegal immigrants drug dealers and criminals is false. It's pretty obvious that the smugglers in the video are carrying drugs. What does that make them besides drug dealers and a threat to our country's safety?

It's time to close these smugglers and illegal aliens down. Let's control our border now before it begins to control us.

h/t: Breitbart

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