“RACISM” seems to be the “catch-all” phrase whenever there’s a confrontation, a disagreement, or even a misunderstanding. In fact crying “racism” now encompasses all socio-economic groups and the only qualification to join the “perpetual victimization club” is skin pigmentation, and even the likes of daytime diva and multimillionaire Oprah Winfrey, and first Lady Michelle Obama have used the race card whenever things just don’t go their way, and of course those “cheerleaders” within in the mainstream media are only to happy to push the narrative.

Just last week the media was quick to cry racism when a video showed a white police officer dragging a black teenager out of her chair in her classroom, even though another video showed that the teenager had punched the officer first.

The most recent incident involved Florin High School Principal Don Ross who stepped in to calm things down between two students brawling, when one of the students suddenly attacks the principle throwing him to the ground before rejoining the fight.

The brawl captured on a student’s camera phone shows the school’s common area in complete chaos. Principle Ross managed to get back on his feet and grab the student from behind as a deputy from the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department arrived on the scene.

Watch the video of the incident below:

Three students were arrested, with two facing battery charges and the third facing charges for making threats, luckily Ross was not injured, let’s just hope the media will not attempt to once again exploit another incident by using “racism” to sell the story.

Source: Right Wing News


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