It seems clear that America is once again moving backward, as this shocking video posted online shows, and perhaps we’re heading back to the bad old days when big cities like New York and Chicago had their own indivisible racial boundary lines, that one seldom crossed, for fear of being assaulted.

And it seems that’s execrably what took place outside a Milwaukee gas station as a white woman is suddenly set upon by a black man and woman, and is viciously beaten, for no apparent reason, other than perhaps being white, as one of her attackers repeatedly tells the woman she’s in the “wrong hood.”

“Wrong hood, b***h!” the attacker screams as he stomps on the victim’s head.

And while the video is sickening it should also serve as a lesson, in that whether we like to admit it or not, there is a pervasive undercurrent of distrust and animus within the black communities towards whites in general, and while it seldom ends up in outright violence, the potential is always there.

Capt. Mark Stanmeyer of the Milwaukee Police Department told reporters that police are “aware of the video and cannot find any calls for service or reports associated with it.”


While Milwaukee community activist Tory Lowe was sorry to see what happened and called it a “human issue.” I would consider however, that getting jumped and assaulted by thugs, is considerably more than a “human issue”!

h/t: The Blaze

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