Again the scourge of political correctness is rearing its head. It seems that the minute someone deems something as racist, homophobic, bigoted, or insensitive, they immediately attack the source of the perceived bias.

In North Las Vegas, this recently happened in a usually innocuous place--Walmart.

Walmart isn't known for pushing any boundaries--liberal or conservative. It's just a place where you can buy anything you need, anytime, on the cheap.

But a clothing display that featured sweatshirts and other clothing items hanging from Walmart's lofty ceiling by green chains angered some people because they thought the display was inherently racist.

Some who viewed the clothing display thought that the black sweatshirts and clothes were representing black people--being hanged from the ceiling.

"It looks likeĀ four black items hanging from the ceiling as if they were four black people," said one man. Another man, said that it looked like people were being hung from the ceiling.

Others who were questioned by the Las Vegas TV channel that broke the story, though, were unable to see the racism in the display and simply saw clothes hanging from the ceiling.

After being contacted by the TV station, the Walmart in question took down the display but offered no comments or reasons behind the display.

Admittedly, hanging clothing from the ceiling is a new move for Walmart, whose stores usually feature lofted ceilings so high that hanging anything from them but basic signs seems impossible.

However, the issue at hand is the perceived racism in the display, the fact that people are able to see something inherently wrong with a display which, to others, has nothing wrong with it at all.

So who should wield the power in these situations? Social media and the mob of frenzied people who shared the photo and labeled it "racist"?

It's a tough question but the easiest answer is to just tell people to stop implanting their ideals of racism on innocent things.

h/t: KTNV

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