In Halifax, Virginia a police officer pulled over a black couple for a unique traffic stop. As he approached the car the two waited anxiously to see how the interaction with the officer would play out.

Officer Warner approached the vehicle in standard procedure and asked the female driver if "she was aware" of the reason that she was pulled over. The woman responded in a polite manner with "no sir," but neither the woman or her male passenger expected what would happen next.

No doubt with the relationship between black people and police in such a rocky place in this country right now the thought could have crossed any one of their mind's that this situation could end poorly. The hate speech and fear mongering that the Black Lives Matter movement continues to propagate obviously strikes fear into the hearts of black people and cops alike all across the country.

You can see some of that fear in the driver as she answer officer Warner's questions. Warner proceeded to inform her that she was in violation of "vehicle code 1793," which clearly states that "it's against the law to drive on a hot day without an ice cream cone."

As you can see in the video the mood quickly changes from very tense to extremely relaxed and playful.

Officer Warner then handed both of them an ice cream cone and sent them on their way. This is a perfect example of the good men and women of our police force trying to reach out and mend the African-American and police relations that have been eroded by the hateful left and the Black Lives Matter movement.

It's good to see a video that shows what our nation's police force is actually about, protecting and serving the citizens of this country, especially in such a dark time for the police image.

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