The most foolish thing anyone can do is mess with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, remember this is the guy who had his inmates dressed in pink jumpsuits, and was the first law enforcement officer to go on national TV and challenge directly this administration’s handling of immigration and in particular what was taking place on the border.

Of course Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a big supporter of Donald Trump’s campaign and in “The Donald’s ability to rally the troops around the country, and in Sheriff Joe's hometown those pesky demonstrators “foolishly” attempted to not only peacefully protest but also interfere with the rally.

Arpaio, who took to the stage about noon to introduce Trump, said, “We had a little problem, some demonstrators were trying to disrupt.”

Boos erupted from the crowd of several thousand. Arpaio then added, “Because of them, you had to get a little more sunshine, but we made it. And three of them are in jail,” which the audience cheered.

The tough-talking sheriff proclaimed, “If they think they are going to intimidate you, and the next president of the United States, not going to happen. Not in this town!”

Arpaio went on to explain why he is backing Trump.

“My gut feeling told me that he is different, and he’s going to do thing different…From day one, I knew this is the guy,” he said. “I’m proud of him, as I know you all are, because at least we have someone who is not afraid to speak out.”

However I would like to make one simple request, rather than those pink jumpsuits, why not clothe those 3-protesters with the famous “TRUMP” logo emblazoned all over those jumpsuits?

Here is footage if Arizona protesters blocking the road at a Trump protest:

h/t: Western Journalism


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