While patriotic American’s celebrated Memorial Day weekend, America’s inner cities continued to pile up dead bodies in Baltimore, Chicago and New York. The carnage of gun violence sent shockwaves throughout the various communities, as police officers responding around-the-clock going from one “crime scene” to another.

Ironically those same big cities have perhaps the most stringent gun laws in America, and coincidently the most progressive mayors as well, and it’s within this backdrop of gun violence that many of these inner cities find themselves in. And while none of the reported shootings in Chicago were attributed to law-abiding citizens, or to rogue police officers, Mayor Raham Emanuel along with the White House couldn’t help but to once again spew out the same worn out progressive “talking point” the need for more gun control laws.

In response to Emanuel’s continued diatribe Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark spoke with Fox’s Lou Dobbs about the mayor’s response to Chicago’s increasing crime wave and the need for more gun control laws. The outspoken and eloquent sheriff responded with a rational litany of the causes and effect of gun violence, which progressives refuse to acknowledge.

While in Baltimore a city run by progressive Democrats for over 4-decades, we hear the same “song and dance” script from Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Black, who actually gave the “keys-to-the-city” to the looters and rioters, by encouraging them to “destroy” the city, as Baltimore recorded its most deadly month on record.

And in New York City, we have another proud progressive politician in Mayor DeBlasio, who ironically made “Stop and Frisk” a signature part of his campaign to end the police practice of stopping a suspicious individual and searching for weapons, thus the crime rate has spiked to an alarming increase of 20% in the first two months of the year.

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that other inner cities like Detroit, Compton, and Newark all have increasing gun violence and controlled by progressive Democrats…you think?

h/t: Western Journalism



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