In a recent interview on CNN with Sheriff David Clarke ripped into leftist journalist Don Lemon about the true nature of the blacklivesmatter movement and what their sinister message actually is. The interview took place late on Sunday evening shortly after the most recent shooting in Baton Rouge, where 3 officers were slain and 3 were injured.

Lemon starts the interview by stating the ridiculous notion that these BLM members preach a message of "peace," and he wanted to know what message Sheriff Clarke had. Of course Clarke is very quick to correct Lemon saying "you don't believe that for one second, do you?"

Clarke then goes on to educate Lemon on the true intentions of the BLM hate group. He stated how the group is made up of "purveyors of hate."

"I've been watching this for two years. I've predicted this," Clarke continued. "This anti-police rhetoric sweeping the country has turned out some hateful things inside of people that are now playing themselves out on the American police officer."

While Lemon continues to deflect any questions that Clarke has about the topic Clarke proceeded to make a very good point that liberals like Lemon will never address.

Clarke asked about any rioting after the 5 officers slain in Dallas, what about the 3 recently in Baton Rouge? Nope, nothing.

Thats because unlike these BLM thugs protesting and patrolling the streets looking for blood, the people that genuinely support and care about our police force are civilized.

You don't see a bunch of police supporters looting and rioting in the streets thats just the BLM movement trying to spread their "message of peace."

Clarke brought up another very good point that liberals are sure to quickly avoid. The false message that our police force is unfairly targeting black males is propagated by slanted statistics and basic lies. Even though the black population makes up nearly 13% of the American population, they commit much more of the crime in America, especially violent crime.

Here's a news flash. When you commit violent crimes people get hurt. It's the job of the police officer to stop you from breaking the law in a dangerous way.

As soon as a black man gets shot while breaking the law liberals freak out saying that police force is racist but when significantly more violence against blacks is committed by other blacks that's perfectly fine.

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Source: CNN


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