Sheriff Clarke is at it again. He is rightfully calling out President Obama for his role in the ongoing destruction of our country.

Our county is a “mess,” and “it’s been exacerbated under this president.” You can say that again, Sheriff Clarke.

We are, after all, subject to the man over half the population voted into office, a man who is not interested in America “winning” as he recently stated.

However, Sheriff Clarke has great respect for the people of this country and despite all of the damage Obama has wrought, he says he believe in us; We came out the other end of the Revolution, the Civil War, World Wars I and II, Vietnam, and the 1960s, a better nation.

Not to mention the Korean War, Great Depression, other economic disasters, and we led during the Cold War. This nation will survive the present crisis, however, as the Sheriff says;

“But we’ll only come out stronger if we’re willing to fight back, and beat back these subversives who are trying to bring the Republic down—and that is their goal, by the way.”

We owe it our nation to fight back.

This country belong to us, the American citizen, and not those attempting to reign over us from Washington, D.C.

Source: CNS News

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