I’m sure we’ve all wondered through the years how someone like Al Sharpton has been able to avoid going to prison. Obviously when one considers the long list of misdeeds that question becomes even more puzzling. And that question was once again raised this time by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (D), on the Fox News Channel “Your World with Neil Cavuto”.

“I’m trying to figure out why Al Sharpton isn’t in federal prison for tax evasion” he declared. Sheriff Clarke of course was referring to the over $4.5 million dollars in back taxes owed by the civil-rights leader who has become a close confidant to President Barack Obama.

Clarke then zeroed in on Sharpton’s apparent support for a national police force, calling it a bad idea because it would impact both civil liberties and states rights concerns, and added “I find it interesting he has so much faith in the federal government, when in the 1960s the FBI surveilled Dr. Martin Luther King during the civil rights movement, and then went on a smear campaign to discredit him, now all of a sudden he trusts the federal government.”

The issue of policing is of course a direct outgrowth of  recant incidences involving police and young African Americans being killed while resisting arrest; however the issues are a lot more complex then a one size fits all solution.

Clarke then stated “we have 50 different states in this country, and they’re all unique, that’s why I say it’s a states rights issue. They know how to police their   communities best. The guiding principle for all 50 states, and every law enforcement agency in the United States, is the United States Constitution.”

Policing is a tough, dangerous and at times a thankless job, and no doubt that there will always be a few “bad apples”, however the idea of a federal police force should send shivers down everyone’s spine. Of course the question still remains why isn’t Shapton in a federal prison?





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