Hillary Clinton came into last night's debate feeling more than a little cocky. She knew that she had the explosive video of Trump making lewd comments about women in her back pocket as ammunition to try to rip into Trump. However, Trump was prepared and made sure to come at her first by bringing in Bill Clinton's alleged rape victims and placing them front and center, forcing Hillary to confront this very real issue.

Needless to say both Clinton's were extremely uncomfortable by this move and as soon as the debate was over didn't waste a second getting out of there. Unluckily for the Clintons, the cameras were still rolling after the debate and caught the Clinton's doing something that they never wanted the public to see.

The debate began with the moderators both on her side, going after Trump for how he allegedly treats and thinks of women. Hillary Clinton came in with a little too much confidence and completely underestimated how prepared Trump was.

The tone of the debate changed pretty quickly when Trump came after Hillary for all of her own mistakes ranging from Benghazi to her own husband's actual mistreatment of women.

Trump was sure to strategically hold back in the first debate so that he could bring in the big guns during the second debate and the effectiveness of his attacks was palpable as could be seen by how uncomfortable both Bill and Hillary were at Trumps well calculated and effective attacks on Hillary and her husband.

While Hillary was busy trying to use a few comments made by Trump over a decade ago to make Trump look like a rapist, her husband, Bill Clinton, an accused rapist, was stuck smack dab in the middle of the woman that he sexually abused.

Hillary's tone and posture visually changed as she desperately tried to convince America that she is the strong and confident leader that this country needs. Trump made her crumble as he continually tore her to bits on the many corruption scandals that she has been able to get away with, ranging from the deleted emails to the Benghazi tragedy.

After the completely bloodbath that Trump put her through during the debate she physically demonstrated her weakness as her humiliated husband helped her down the stairs after the debate, only further demonstrating her weakness and reminding the country of her failing health.

Trump's brutal attacks seemed to cut her like butter and shook her to core, so much that she was physically crushed and couldn't do anything to hide it, as she needed help getting down only a few steps behind the building by her scumbag of a husband had to hold her up.

This certainly isn't the image of a strong woman capable of leading this country. In the matter of a few minutes, Trump was able to crush Hillary by doing nothing more than just stating the laundry list of corruption scandals that her and her husband have been involved in over the years.

It's clear that the Clinton's are no longer fit to lead (not that they ever were) and instead are just an elderly couple, who have lived a life of corruption, greed, and lies. It's time for them to both retire and get out of the spotlight before every skeleton in their massive dark closet has been drug up and exposed to the public eye.

Meanwhile, Trump displayed that he is able to confront his mistakes head on and is still as strong as he ever was. Whether or not you still support Trump after the lewd 10-year-old video has come out, you must admire his strength and resilience to stand up and face the issues at hand without any fear and without having to hide behind a web of lies.

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Source: Mad World News


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