Vladimir Putin’s Russia has no tolerance for Jihad. Unlike the United States, when local citizens take action against elements of Jihad, Putin does not come out onto his national stage and lambast his people.

He does not accuse them of profiling, Islamophobia, or hate. Rather, he stands back and allows law enforcement to do their jobs. Such was the case with recent events in rural Samara.

Local residents had become concerned when what appeared to be a generic building turned out to be a secret mosque. The fact that a mosque had sprung up in their neighborhood was not the concern, it was the element that the mosque was attracting.

Neighborhood fears were confirmed when it turned out that the mosque was not so much a house of prayer as much as it was a house of horror. The mosque was an epicenter of hate—a place where Jihad was being carefully planned.

Law enforcement undertook raids on the mosque unearthing ammunition, an array of weaponry, bomb-making supplies and explosives, as well as ISIS literature. You know, just your typical everyday worship materials one would expect to find in just about any church anywhere around the world.  We are talking about the Religion of Peace after all.

During the course of a raid, the Federal Security Service rounded up 53 Muslim men, one of whom turned out to be a dyed-in-the-blood-of-the-infidel ISIS Jihadist.  It is highly unlikely that one man was responsible for turning the mosque into a front-line bunker for war. Certainly, more of his ilk will be uncovered during the course of further investigative work.

The Russian version of a bomb-squad was called in and the surrounding neighborhood evacuated. In addition, the M5 highway was blocked off, and water cannons were brought in to control the inferno resulting from detonation of the mosque.

The explosives were too dangerous to risk moving, so it was decided the best course of action would be to level the mosque. Maybe the Muslims got the message that Samara does not want their kind in their town. Doubtful-Jihadists never quit trying.

The video footage summarizes the on-camera efforts of Russian law enforcement during the raid and destruction of the Samara mosque.

Source: Mad World News


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