Russian warplanes at an airfield near Latakia
Russian Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback fighters in Syria being maintenanced

To many Americans (myself included), watching the nightly news and witnessing on video Russian jets performing and conducting pinpoint air-strikes against ISIS is both a welcomed and yet unsettling feeling, “welcomed” in that the barbarians are finally being dealt with, “unsettling” in that America has been forced to step aside, and watch from the sidelines, as Russian fighter jets performed 14-combat flights and conducted 6-pinpoint air-strikes in Syria all in one day.

Contrast that with President Obama’s inept and indecisive Syrian policy, combined with his recent rambling press conference about Russian intervention into Syria, and you have an administration that looks weak and has unraveled right before our eyes.

While  Russian pilots destroyed a terrorist command center near the town of Khan Shaykhun in Idlib province, and in the Al-Latamna district of Hama Governorate, guided air bombs delivered from Su-34 bombers blew up a militant’s underground HQ, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

He continued; “During the day, the Russian aviation group continued conducting pinpoint air-strikes against the infrastructure of the ISIS group in Syria,”

A nearby ISIS base, hosting weaponry and military vehicles was also targeted, with ten pieces of military hardware, including several APCs, was eliminated, the ministry said.

And aside from the military intervention into Syria, President Putin has established himself as a credible force against ISIS, and regardless of his obvious intentions to keep the Syrian Government in power; there is no argument that he has filled the void, because of an inept and incompetent White House.

Source: American News


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