Every now and then a “good guy” with a gun wins, and that’s perhaps the moral of this story. In that although this thug thought he had the upper hand, in turns out he picked the wrong liquor store to rob.

The incident took place in Marionville, Mo, and the clerk Jon Lewis Alexander was behind the counter when a would-be robber made the fatal mistake of picking the wrong store to rob.

Of course this hapless would-be thief had no way of knowing that behind the counter was a 30-year military veteran with four tours in the Iraq war to his credit, and a Walther PPX 9-mm sidearm he always carries, loaded, with one in the chamber.

And so when the hapless crook pulled out his weapon and declared he was about to rob the liquor store, Alexander did what any combat vet would do, immediately pulled out his own weapon and shoved it in the mouth of the surprised thief, which was captured on the surveillance video.

Alexander interviewed by the local news media said of the incident; “One of the policemen told me later, ‘You’re a lucky man,” Alexander responded “I think he [the robber] is a little luckier than I am.”

Max Dawson, the store’s owner, said he had been a victim of burglary so many times in the past four years he thought the bad guys deserved to be shot.

He approved of Alexander’s actions.

See the surveillance video below:

Source: Blaze



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