Rape is a “learning experience” for women. This according to blogger Daryrush Valizdeh (Roosh V). He would be a Mennonite, by the way.

No, really, he is a Muslim. No surprise there. His soloution to rape, is that it should be legalized. No crime-no time, right?  This is his “light version of Islam.”

In doing so, women would protect themselves better. They would not allow themselves to “enter an impaired state of mind where she can’t resist being dragged off to a bedroom with a man she is unsure of…”  Wow.

Seems that Middle Eastern women aren’t known for getting loaded and gulping down roofies at a frat party, or getting wasted and stripping down out of their burkas to dance on the bar, but maybe we are missing something here.

“If rape becomes legal, she will never be unchaperoned with a man she doesn’t want to sleep with.”

Hmmm. Not sure how well this is gonna work out for Roosh V. After all the world is getting the overwhelming impression that raping women, men, little girls, and little boys, is an All-Islamic Pastime.

What a moron. What a brick in the wall of Islam.

“My parents are from the Middle East. My dad is from Iran. He is a Shiite Muslim man. He grew up, I grew up with Muslim beliefs. Where do you think all my views come from? Where do you think my ideas on patriarchy and masculinity come from? Where do you think my idea that men should be strong and women should submit come from? Where do you think all that comes from, from thin air? No, it’s from being raised by a conservative, honorable, respectful Muslim man.”

Conservative, honorable, respectful.  Not the adjectives that come to mind.  Misogynistic sadist, narcissist, potentially abusive, chauvinist pig seems more fitting.

There is another way to stop rape Mr. Voosh V. It is called women rising up and taking back their gender and self-worth. Y’all gotta sleep sometime, right?

In the 7th century hovel from where Islam spawned it would be called the Muslim women putting their pigs, meaning their men, on a leash.

Source: Mad World News





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