You would think that anyone with a basic understanding of the founding principles of our great nation would know that Islam and the US Constitution do not go together.

For whatever reason, American patriots are banging their heads against the wall trying to get people to understand that the totalitarian and violent tenets of Islam and the Constitution do not go together. There seems to be an incessant need to play gotcha with any voice of reason that tries to point out the dichotomy between Islam and American freedom.

Carol Costello (CNN Newsroom), and renowned Christian evangelist, Reverent Franklin Graham, had an opportunity to discuss Islam vs. America, on December 15th.

Ms. Costello, asked the question that requires no answer, “Is Islam compatible with American values?” To which Graham responded, “I don’t think so.”  Who does think so? He went on to point out that women, like Ms. Connor, are not treated fairly.

Ms. Connor pointed to Catholicism as some sort of comparison. Last time any of us checked, Catholic doctrine does not preach female genital mutilation, slavery, gang rape and honor killings.

Ms. Connor asked Reverend Graham if Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, is correct in his thinking that some Muslim mosques ought to be shuttered, and whether we should follow France’s lead in this regard.

At this point, Reverent Graham hit a home run, and began by saying possibly so. He then stated, “We can’t just open up our arms and just say ‘everybody come,’ because there’s people out there that want to destroy our nation, and want to destroy you and our way of life.” Followed by, “We have a responsibility, our government, the president, our Congress has a responsibility to protect all Americans.”

Why do the mainstream media not realize that tyrannical Islam has no place for their kind and they would be the first to be silenced?

Reverend Graham is on the front-lines of the refugee situation in Europe and he sees what the ethnicity and gender are;

“So, I think we should be putting a halt on any immigration from that part of the world until our government has a system in place where we can vet them.”

Source: CNS News


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