Oh, the tangled webs the mainstream libtard media weaves… Recently, MSNBC reporter Kristen Welker was caught “fixing” an interview for the Democrat presidential hopeful, Hillary “What Difference Does it Make Now” Clinton.


Nothing like prepping the interviewee for a question, thus staging the entire encounter.

“And I’m going to ask you about Flint,” Welker explains to a Clinton aide and campaign communications director, Jen Palmieri. Unbeknownst to Welker, host Ari Melber had prematurely tossed the story her direction.

Hilariously, he introduced Welker as in the “spin room.” Is there a more appropriate term for a fixed interview with a candidate’s representative?

Welker attempted to re-direct by asking, “So, Jen [Palmieri], your initial reaction to tonight’s debate?”  In regard to the back-and-forth between Clinton and her challenger, Bernie “Women Fantasize About Being Raped” Sanders. The Welker-Palmieri discussion was complete cluster.

Palmieri tried to answer a question, and Welker kept going for the whole, “can you hear me now?” to Melber. Palmieri was clearly irritated, and Welker completely failed in her attempt to fix her “fix.”

Eventually, they circled back around to Flint and the truth was revealed. This entire fake interview was a set-up.

An opportunity for Clinton, via Palmieri and the tiny tool that is Kristen Welker, to attack Michigan’s Republican Governor, Rick Snyder. Which, was the entire point of the tête-à-tête to begin with!


Source: Conservative Tribune



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