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An ordinary day at a German grocery store was marked by a standoff between a refugee and a clerk, until members of a neighborhood watch group stepped in after local police failed to respond to a third call to the store that day.

The unidentified refugee approached the cashier at the checkout lane with what appears to be two bottles of wine, but either is unable or unwilling to pay for the purchase.

Although speaking his native language, he understands the German word for no, ‘nein’ well enough, repeating it to the clerk as he continues to refuse to either pay for the wine or leave the store.

German customers make their way around the man, glancing at the scene with apparent disapproval, but not becoming involved or commenting, even as he backs up to a display and holds a bottle in each hand, waving them at a male employee who asks that he pay or leave.

When one of the customers suggests that the police be called, the clerk says that they have already been to the store twice that day, with the implication that either they are reluctant to call a third time or that the police will not respond.

Eventually, two German men from the local neighborhood watch enter the grocery store and take charge decisively, leading the refugee toward the door until he begins to struggle and lash out, yelling at them and resisting their insistence that he leave the store.

A customer videoed the incident on her phone, which also picked up audio as the situation unfolded.

Rather than drawing a mob response, the German shoppers were restrained and polite, but the refugee created a situation that could easily have turned ugly as he held the bottles in his fists and waved them at employees.

As the two men from the neighborhood watch physically intervened and dragged the refugee out of the store, a woman was heard to say, “It's sad that we need to rely on a neighborhood watch group.”


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