Ah, America, the melting pot so they say. You know it is true, but some people and cultures just refuse to blend in. Take a look at what has been going on in Europe with the flood of new refugees and the reports of problems already being experienced by locals in their dealings with them.

But this isn't new for people in some parts of the U.K., they have been taking African refugees for decades. As you see in the video, they make no attempt to behave as polite citizens, no they speak and joke in their own language and have no problem assaulting actual citizens who pay exorbitant taxes to support these refugees. Assault is assault, no matter where you come from.

We will see this same thing here if we don't shut the door now.

I can hear the liberals crying already, trying to make the false equivalence that women get slapped by American men and all those other poor excuses, but that's not the point here.

Time to face reality and see these refugees for what they are, trouble and a dangerous burden.

Are you ready to shut the door on any more refugees entering the US? Sound off in the comments section below or on social media.

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