The audio link provided here is well worth your time to listen to. It is long, but also an eye opening experience.

Cuban “Rusty” Monsees, Jr., is a rancher down on the Texas-Mexico border, and he has found himself running afoul of the Mexican drug cartels. So much so, that Mr. Monsees is #5 on the cartel hit list, according to his informants. He has had his daughter’s lives threatened.

To prove their validity, the cartel provided Monsees his daughters’ whereabouts, where they go to college, their class schedules, friends, and so forth. They’ve beheaded his dogs for barking too much. He is not their favorite person to say the least.

Monsees provides some insight into what is happening on the border and it is eye-opening to learn that even the United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) is down there trying to make sense of the horses and cattle that move back and forth across the Rio Grande.

Apparently, Coyotes capture horses for the cartels, load the horses up with drugs, and send them back across the river. Since the USDA can’t be everywhere all the time and border patrol has their hands full with the flood of people, it is easy to see how this method of drug trafficking is successful.

Likewise, border patrol informants say illegal immigrants from as far away as the Mediterranean, Africa, and the Middle East are crossing into our lands, many of whom are Muslim, and Monsees reveals the border patrol’s method of identifying this fact.

Let’s face it, unless you are an idiot and afraid of being called some sort of “-phobic” or “-ist” you have to wonder as to their intent.

Then there is the tidbit that the guards relayed to Monsees, and that is when they take these captors in, they are receiving orders from “on-high” to release them. They and their records just “disappear.”

That is just a taste of what is relayed in the interview. You are highly encouraged to listen to it for yourself. What is happening on the border is no joke, and it needs to be taken very seriously.

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