During Obama's 8-year grueling presidency he has been working tirelessly to load our government with Islamists, sending an open invite to those affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate our government and join his ranks. Many have expressed their concerns with this trend and it's potential detrimental effects that it could have on national security, but each time a concern was voiced it was received with heavy backlash from Islamists and the left crying "racism" and "xenophobia." Now, those very same Islamists are about to get some bad news as Trump ushers in a few very big changes.

It would seem that the Islamist spread throughout the government have been in a state of complete panic since Trump claimed the hard-fought victory on Election day. As soon as Trump was elected they viewed it as a huge threat to their newfound power and are now terrified of what's coming next.

Prominent left wing news site Politic reports that, "The employees [Islamists] are on edge about everything from retaining their security clearances to the possibility of discriminatory treatment under Trump, whose top aides include known peddlers of conspiracy theories about Islamists infiltrating the U.S. government."

Now these Islamists are doing what snowflake liberals are known for - holding support groups to talk about their fears and feelings about the new era of Donald Trump.

When America voted for and elected Trump as president, they made it clear that the threat coming from radical Islam is one of the biggest threats that the United States faces today. So, if these Islamists aren't radical or linked to radicals and haven't done anything wrong then they should have nothing to fear.

Watch the short video below that shows these Islamist's complaints, but be aware of the representative from Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group with known connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

This only points to one thing, that Obama has stacked our government, to the highest level, with radical Islamists and they should probably pack up and get out before Trump comes in and has to take care of it himself.

Breitbart reports:

Capt. Joseph R. John, USN (Ret), the Chairman of Combat Veterans for Congress PAC, writes that members of the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist front groups have become “a very dangerous ‘Fifth Column’ in the United States, appointed by Obama to very high and sensitive positions in the US Government agencies.”

General Michael Flynn, who Trump has recently appointed National Security Adviser, is who they have the most animosity towards, and he has made it clear that there is going to be some serious spring cleaning coming soon.

Naturally the leftists who are the fastest to jump to these Muslims defense claim that Flynn will bring some sort angry pitchfork-mob, but in reality Trump has told him to clear out any Muslim with radical ties to Islam, as reported by Mad World News.

Bare Naked Islam had this to say:

Make no mistake, what they call “political Islam” is just plain ol’ Islam. But the far leftists at Salon [Magazine], along with their Muslim partners in crime, are getting their collective panties in a wad at seeing what they like to call an “Islamophobic” roster of Trump advisors who are not afraid to expose the ugly truth about Islam in America.

It looks like Obama's dream of flooding our government with Muslims, with ties to radical Islamic organizations, protected by extreme political correctness that vilified anyone who chose to stick to their guns as a true patriot, is going to crumble, and it's going to happen soon under Trump's new leadership.

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Source: Mad World News


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