Liberals are stupid. Recently, at the California GOP Convention their hateful stupidity was put on full display for all of the world to see. Enter topless women, Mexican flag-waving drones, and thugs.

Donald Trump was to speak at the event, and he did, after having to hop a fence and cross a ditch to get to it, thereby avoiding the mob. “I felt like I was crossing the border.” Well-played Donald, well-played.

The mob was your typical paid-for liberal crowd of dolts. Round up the violently dumb, give them some coins and clubs, and bus them in to where you want them to go, add some women willing to undress and, well, you get the picture.

So, yes, 300 of these gifts to humanity showed up at the CA GOP Convention and raised hell. They beat people up and shouted their dismay at our free nation.

There it is, right there. These goons are not protesting the leading GOP candidate. They are protesting America and freedom. As Lee Stranahan, points out they are “a modern day axis of evil we see destroying the modern world: the deadly alliance between radical Islam and the radical Left.”

If you think he is kidding, start paying attention to the videos—flag burning, hijabs, Middle Eastern men, BLM (many of whom are Islamists). Stranahan goes on to say, “It sounds crazy,” and it does, “but there it was on display in California.”

We have to get a grip people…the inmates are running the asylum and their Thug in Chief sits in the White House, egging them on, leading the charge to shame the rest of us.

Source: Mad World News


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