Zach Ruff is one angry dude.

For 18 painful minutes on video, the assistant principal of an accredited "science-based" high school in Rowington, Penn., berated two pro-life youths who were standing peacefully holding signs in front of the school.

In the YouTube video, Ruff can be seen approaching the youths and then advising them to leave the premises because they're "harassing" his students; otherwise, he'll call the police.

Problem for Ruff is that Conner Haines, 16, and his sister, Lauren, 19, both have a legal right to be on school property, which is public property.

"These are image-bearers of God that are being murdered," Conner says to Ruff as he tries to educate the school official about the victims of abortion.

"They're not children. They're cells. Go home!" Ruff, the STEM academy's dean of academics and student life, shouts.

Conner then appears to touch a nerve when he uses the term "holocaust" to describe the millions of aborted babies in the U.S.

"You can go to hell, where they are, too," Ruff yells at the teens.

When Conner suggests to the administrator that he seek the love of Christ, Ruff snaps and gets really rough with the youth.

“Listen here son, alright?” he says. “I’m as gay as the day is long and twice as sunny. I don’t give a f--k what you think Jesus tells me and what I should and should not be doing!"

"You and Trump can go to hell," he adds.

Ruff's personal management skills are clearly evident, although he saved the worst of his insulting rant for last: "Just like assholes, everybody has one, and they all stink," he tells the siblings.

The school official then attempts to drown out the Haines's voices by singing, "I love a parade."

Taxpayers deserve so much better from a credentialed educator such as Ruff. His loutish behavior is perfectly understandable, however, given that he is an anti-Christian bigot.

The Blaze reports, "According to Ruff’s page on the school’s website, he’s in the final stages of his doctoral dissertation at Drexel University in Philadelphia 'in their Educational Leadership and Management program, and hopes to complete his research this academic year. Mr. Ruff received his Principal Certification from Penn State Great Valley’s campus, a Masters degree from Neumann University and his undergraduate work was done in his home state of Vermont.'"

Point is, if the Haines siblings had been out there on school property, which, again, is public property, carrying signs supporting LGBTQ rights or splashed with anti-Trump slogans, Ruff wouldn't have even bothered to mess with either of them.

Ruff then has the supreme audacity to accuse the youths of harassing "his" students with their Christian views on abortion, while he fails to see that it is he who is doing the harassing with his leftist views on science.

His behavior is generously described as unprofessional -- unworthy of an academician.

This is what happens when good minds become hermetically sealed by leftist dogma. They can't handle an opposing viewpoint without losing it completely.

It's because the seal is weak.

"You're awfully angry," Conner Haines says to Ruff.

Ruff's in luck; science may have a pill for that.

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Source: Daily Wire


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