In politics, it may be that there is nothing new under the sun and so it would seem with the unimaginative Democrats pushing the candidacy of Washington veteran Hillary Clinton who have resorted to a dusting off a 50-year-old ad campaign to attack her opponent, Donald Trump.

Priorities USA, the largest pro-Hillary super-PAC has bought $5 million in air time in five key battleground states: North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Iowa and New Hampshire to run what it calls a “new” ad designed to alarm voters by claiming Trump will start a nuclear war if elected.

The ad called “I Love War,” runs images of mushroom clouds, devastated countryside and war reel footage reminiscent of the infamous “Daisy” ad that President Lyndon Johnson aired against Barry Goldwater in 1964.

In the ad, an innocent little girl plucks petals off a daisy until a gruff voice intones a missile launch countdown and the flash and explosion of an obvious nuclear blast complete with film of a mushroom cloud fills the screen.

In twenty seconds, Goldwater was finished, so the current crop of Democrats are taking a page from LBJ’s successful campaign in the anti-Trump ad using past remarks about war and nuclear energy, hoping for the same effect.

The outspoken billionaire businessman whose unconventional run for the presidency has upended traditional strategies and expectations of pundits, politicians and the public has given the super-PAC some notable quotes.

Apparently forgetting President Obama’s disturbing comment made to aides bragging, “It turns out I’m “really good at killing people,” the pro-Hillary group found a Trump quote that also brags. “I’m really good at war, I love war in a certain way,” he says in one clip, adding, “including with nukes, yes, including with nukes.”

The ad ends with Trump merely stating what any smart commander-in-chief should know, “I want to be unpredictable,” referring to his criticism of the Obama-Clinton conduct of the war in publically announcing troop numbers and withdrawal dates.

While the effect of the ad will not be known for several weeks, it is certain that Clinton’s group is desperate to come up with a new angle to use against her opponent in a race that has tightened to a virtual dead heat with only 60-days left to Election Day.

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