What is wrong with these people? Why would any elected official disrespect “The Pledge of Allegiance”?

These aren’t adolescents, these are grown men “elected officials” disrespecting the very essence and privilege of serving within a free society.

No doubt after viewing this one minute video these two misfits in Hampden, Maine have received criticism after a film revealing them refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance at one of their regularly scheduled council meetings made its way around YouTube. The video has since received thousands of views and hundreds of comments

Councilmen William Shakespeare and Thomas Brann both served in the military and state, and claim the rebellious act is not an “unpatriotic protest again the flag and this country.” Instead, both council members feel that the pledge is being used in the meetings for reasons other than genuine national pride.

Shakespeare claims that his refusal to take part was based on his disagreement with a “politically motivated” action on the part of the council.

-Susan Lessard, the town manager, claims that both Shakespeare and Brann are within their rights, and that no actions will be taken against them.

In short these two “morons” have a personal issue with someone so they take out their nonsense by disrespecting America…by all means let’s vote these two clowns back into office!

Do you think these disrespectful elected officials should be fired asap?

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