Of all the things that you might guess would be reasons for someone to break into a car stealing guns probably wouldn't make your list. But things are changing and, due to a recent slew of thefts and break-ins in the Oklahoma City area, guns might be the most important thing to keep safe.

Police are tracing burglars who, in a string of thefts across the Oklahoma City area, have been breaking into cars and stealing the guns that many keep stored in their vehicles.

A sergeant from the Oklahoma City police said that firearms are the most common burglary in this recent outbreak and it's more than just personal property that's beings stolen.

"This is actually putting more guns in the hands of the criminals. So there's an important lesson. Number one: firearms probably shouldn't be left in automobiles."

In once instance, a couple was away from their home and came home not knowing that anything had gone amiss. When they reviewed their home security footage, however, they saw that two armed burglars broke into their garage and stole several firearms and some money from the center console of the couple's truck. The burglars left everything else alone and the couple might not have even known they had been robbed if it hadn't been for the footage.

It's a frightening thought to think about thefts that are targeting firearms and it throws liberal arguments about gun control to the wind. If criminals are simply stealing the guns of licensed, legal gun owners, what is the point of further regulating the legal owners?

Gun control laws do nothing to restrict the theft and illegal sale of these black market weapons, and, from this rise in gun-related burglaries, it's clear there's a market.

So keep those guns safe from thieves and don't believe the liberal arguments that tighter gun control will affect the guns on the streets. It's clear that theft is doing that all on its own.

h/t: KFOR News

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